ESPA Magnetic Components
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Company overview

  • Manufactures magnetic components from 40 years

    ESPA LLC manufactures magnetic components from 40 years. The entire production cycle is carried out in our own plant, thus ensuring high quality standards through the control of the entire production chain. Each single product is totally customizable and evaluable before starting production through computer design support, on-line sharing, testing phases and the development of 3D CAD / CAM simulation.

  • ESPA’s philosophy

    The ESPA’s philosophy aims to support its clients from the conceptual design phase to the final realization of the product. This strengthens and guarantees to optimize each component according to the functional and constructive specifications to satisfy. High quality standards, long experience of realization of each component and the total design flexibility qualify ESPA as a producer of excellence in the sector.

Products and materials

ESPA manufactures specific magnetic components for low and medium voltage dry at low voltage from 100 VA to 1000 kVA for single-phase and up to 1800 kVA for three-phase.
The main materials used for the realization of the windings are mainly aluminium and copper, in band, strip and wire.
Insulation materials include Nomex®, Nomex® 410, Nomex® Mylar Nomex®, Dacron Mylar Dacron and glass fibres materials.
Each product is protected with a final treatment of tropicalization and epoxy polyester resins
The design department evaluates and determines the use of the best technological and production materials and combine these to get the best results in terms of volume and noise reduction.

ESPA main finished products include

  • 6-pulse / 12-pulse transformers for rectifiers
  • Single-phase and three-phase input and output transformers
  • Transformers with integrated inductances
  • High current AC and DC inductors
  • EMI filters for UPS
  • Transformers and inductors for converters and rectifiers.
  • Transformers and inductors for HF and PWM systems.
  • Ferroresonant transformers
  • Magnetic amplifiers
  • Transformers and inductors with special protection systems for the NAVAL and MILITARY sectors
  • Special magnetic components with amorphous and nanocrystal cores for high frequencies

ESPA dedicated products for UPS sector include

  • Single and tri-phase dry transformers
  • Mono and tri-phase inductors
  • DC inductors
  • Output Transformers 1ph and 3ph
  • Output transformers with integrated AC
  • Bypass Transformer 1ph-1ph, 3ph-1ph, 3ph-3ph
  • K-Factor Transformers
  • Multi-function transformers
  • Single and tri-phase ferroresonant transformers
  • Magnetic amplifiers

Other dedicated products are available on specific request.

Final product application


ESPA responds to strict product and process certification protocols such as:

  • Certification ICIM ISO 9001 ed. 2015 No. 6242/2
  • UL approval file no. E184973
  • ETL approval file no. 4000940
  • ROHS Production Compliant
  • RINA F.A.T.
  • CETENA External Shock Test
  • Control of special process parameters and acceptance tests
  • Final test stamping performed on each object
  • Special tests on request
  • CE marking
  • REACH compliance (Regulation EC No 1907/2006)
  • 5S Lean Manufacturing
  • FMEA (Failure Module and Effect Analysis)
  • WPS (Welding Procedure Specification - Certification of the welding process)

ESPA has adopted precise quality standards for the environment, safety, full compliance with labor regulations and company ethics (RBA code, formerly EICC®)

Download our certifications

ISO 9001 2015
Authorization to mark ETL
OBJY2.E184973 - Systems, Electrical Insulation - Component
OBJY8.E184973 - Systems, Electrical Insulation Certified for Canada - Component


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